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Lochview Croft is in Drumbeg, Assynt. This North West corner of the Highlands is known for its incredible and unique landscape. Crofting has been a way of life here for many years. We are a young family producing and selling quality free range pork, lamb and eggs.

We have always appreciated good quality food and when we moved here in 2020, we decided to produce our own. We started with chickens and enjoyed this so much that we soon expanded into sheep, pigs and more recently our cows.

As we grew, we decided to sell our produce. Our meat and eggs are mostly sold in the local community using an honesty box and in a local Spar, reducing the food miles while keeping this traditional way of life going. We believe the future of meat lies in small scale farming, eating less but better quality meat. 

All our livestock live quietly on the land all year round, feeding on the rough grazing of the hilly moorlands. They are hardy breeds able to survive through harsh, wet winters. Lambing, calving and farrowing take place outdoors and require minimal assistance.

Photo credit: Magali Delporte


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